Find Answers to Your Eavestrough Questions

If I wanted to order a special colour, how long would it take to come in?
Chances are we already have your colour in stock. If not, we can have it delivered and ready to install within four to five business days.

Do your eavestroughs come with a warranty?

Yes, River Valley Eavestrough offers a 10-year warranty against all leaks. We pride ourselves in having happy customers, long after the job is finished.

Why should I choose River Valley Eavestrough over your competitors?

At River Valley Eavestrough, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our experience has enabled us to establish sound solutions to common issues, and in turn, enable us to get the job done right the first time.

How long does a typical install take?

Generally an installation will take anywhere from two to eight hours to complete, all depending on the complexity of the project.

What towns and cities do you serve?

River Valley Eavestrough serves the Fredericton and surrounding area including Boiestown, Doaktown, Woodstock, Nackawic, Oromocto, Chipman and Minto.

How are my gutters installed?

There are a number of ways to install gutters, but we have found that the best way is by placing screw hangers every 16 inches apart.

Are you insured?

River Valley Eavestrough is insured through WCB. This also covers you as a homeowner in case we accidentally damage your home during the installation. Ensuring the safety of our staff and the homeowners we serve is always a top priority.

How are eavestroughs made?

99% of eavestroughs are made from flat stock aluminum that is fed through our seamless gutter machine. In most cases, each piece is cut onsite to fit exact dimensions of your home or business.

What type of finish will my eavestrough have?

All of our eavestroughs are painted and have a baked-on enamel coating designed to withstand time and weather.

What colours of eavestrough do you offer?

We can access approximately 50 colours. If you have a certain colour in mind, there is a great chance that we can match it.


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